Seconds - Ruby Slippers Pendant

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Seconds - Ruby Slippers Pendant


This is a one off sale of an imperfect pour. Unfortunately, a couple of air bubbles got trapped on the right shoe impairing the clean edge of the shoe. A dot of red ran into the clear area.

It's barely noticeable and doesn't show on wearing but you can see it if studying the piece closely.

It's a shame to be just sitting in storage, therefore I am selling it at less than half the normal price at £27!


This a large, statement piece of jewellery featuring multiple techniques.

A pair of hand glittered, miniature ruby slippers sit suspended in sparkly resin which is inlaid in a large heart of thorny branches and poppies.

The twisted thorns and poppies are hand painted within many layers of resin and a little fairy dust is added for good measure!

Swarovski crystals add a little extra sparkle - making this a pendant that certainly won't be ignored!!

The pendant is a deep casting and hangs on a sturdy gunmetal chain.

Chain length: 38cm (15")
Extender length: 5cm
Approx size of pendant: 6.5 x 5.8cm
Depth of pendant: 0.8cm

PLEASE NOTE: This is designed to sit higher on the décolletage - if you would like a slightly longer chain or larger neck size, please get in touch.

Presented in an organza bag and includes a polishing cloth.